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Abdallateef and Burhan Shaban 1997 Sarajevo Concert: Tashaffa Ya Rasulullah

Abdallateef’s guide to Diwan tunes. Two mp3s transcribed from cassette recordings made in London between 1972-76.



Recorded on DAT in 2001 in the Imam Malik Mosque in Fes Jadida, Morocco.
Traditional Warsh group recitation before the Jumu’a by over 200 voices.
[a] Sura Taghabun.

[a] Sura Munafiqun


Rare qur’an recordings made probably in Khenifra in the middle Atlas, Morocco in 1975-76 on a Marrantz cassette recorder by Richard Thompson in a style of recitation unique to the Atlas mountains from men who are no longer with us. Surprisingly good quality.

[a] This first track is from the middle of sura Baqara till its end.

[b] solo qur’an recitation 1

[c] solo qur’an recitation 2


Mousem 1974 Recordings (see post)



All recordings copyright Ian Whiteman 2019


Hafiz Alili 1997 Sarajevo Concert: Excerpt from Surah Rahman