• Diwan singing

The tracks below are from the first recording I ever heard of an evening in the Meknes zawiyya in Morocco recorded around 1970 with Ibn al-Habib present. Although low quality it is authentic and very rare and I thought uploading would be of service to those who often ask for some recordings of diwan singing. After the evening prayer and a recitation of qur’an it would begin with the wird (track 1) and then follow with astaghfirullah and so on evolving into the hadra (the sacred dance) finishing with Si Hamid’s qur’an recitation. It was usually followed by a short discourse though here it is not included.

1. The Wird

2. Astaghfirullah a

3. Astaghfirullah b

4. Astaghfirullah c into Fanafillah a

5. Fanafillah b

6. Fanafillah d into Hadrah a

7. Hadrah b

8. End of hadrah into Qur’an