God of The Wild Places

New from Quilliam Press

Schoolteacher Paul Pringle has faced many challenges in his life: struggles with alcohol and anxiety, with what it means to be a man, and with the very meaning of life itself.lf

In his search for self-discovery he trains as an ultra runner. The world’s toughest marathons seem to beckon him. He will face hundreds of miles of deadly struggle against the mighty Sahara Desert, the forests of Finland and the subzero wastes of the Canadian Arctic. Journalists and scientists monitor his progress as he pushes his body to the very limits, as he competes in extreme sporting events which have already claimed lives.

But the outward struggle supports a growing sense of self-knowledge and of bonding with the natural world from which modernity had alienated him. This is an autobiography of personal transformation, of the discovery of a true masculinity amid the confusions of modern Britain, and of a painful but grace-filled journey to the changeless Madina of truth. 

Published on Jan 1, 2023

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