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God of The Wild Places

New from Quilliam Press Schoolteacher Paul Pringle has faced many challenges in his life: struggles with alcohol and anxiety, with what it means to be a man, and with the very meaning of life itself.lf In his search for self-discovery … Continue reading

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The Diwan

Sidi Muhammad Ibn al-Habīb, may Allah be pleased with him, appeared at a significant time in Moroccan history at the end of a great epoch of western Sufism and was in some ways the isthmus between the old Muslim world … Continue reading

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Average Whiteman

A revealing memoir of a sixty year journey from early post-war Britain through to the new millennium and the huge social, political, technological and religious upheavals that went with it. The author details his slow awakening to the extraordinary worlds … Continue reading

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Song lyric by Ian Whiteman When the dawn breaksAnd the sky shakesAnd the stories now unfoldWhen the earth gives up its secretsand the truth can now be toldYou will stand there right before HimAnd your words will seem so smallLord, … Continue reading

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A Dip in the Ocean: the Complete Recordings – Now on Spotify.

In the summer months myself, like many who work independently, have down time when clients go on holiday and not much happens. Which is why it’s when I trawl through my files looking for uncompleted projects to work on and … Continue reading

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Moussem 1974 Meknes

It’s 1974 and the great Moussem is happening in Meknes a week after the actual Mawlid celebrations have taken place throughout Morocco. It is in the zawiyya and now the final resting place of Muhammad ibn Al Habib, may Allah … Continue reading

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Cleary with Arabic

Above: A sample page from the forthcoming English Qur’an translation by Thomas Cleary with parallel Arabic. About a year ago I reached blog saturation level which means I simply ran out of ideas to blog. My lightweight involvement with narcissagram … Continue reading

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The Enigma of Language

Forthcoming issue 4 of Renovatio Published in Berkeley CA. Designed in Orgiva, Spain. A paradox at the root of the question “What is language?” is that the answer will be expressed in language. Is language merely speech? Is it thought, … Continue reading

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Letters on the Spiritual Path

We’re pleased to announce that a new translation of the Letters of Moulay Al-Arabi Darqawi has been scheduled for release this coming May. The following blurb by the translators, which will accompany its release, is self explanatory and hints at … Continue reading

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The Problem of Ornamentation

 After all, what is beauty? [Looking through old drafts of blog posts I found this one. Not perfect and a bit of a rant but it has some good bits in it.] When looking at Muslim prayer apps the other day … Continue reading

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