Average Whiteman

A revealing memoir of a sixty year journey from early post-war Britain through to the new millennium and the huge social, political, technological and religious upheavals that went with it. The author details his slow awakening to the extraordinary worlds he was to move through: from the Quakers of his upbringing to the hard-nosed architects that he studied with in 1960s London and his immersion in the chaos of the burgeoning music business.
His musical journey then took him, almost unwittingly, into a Moroccan Sufi order, and eventually on the pilgrimage to Mekka and Medina. Ian Abdal Latīf tries to examine his motives at each step of the way, recording his meetings with real holy men and not-so-holy men, and the upheavals that these encounters brought about. In this illuminating and entertaining autobiography he charts a course through these tumultuous waters, eventually finding some peace and gratitude for the lessons learnt.

288pp with a 20pp colour section. Many previously unpublished pictures.

“A captivating journey through some little-known but surprisingly influential moments of musical and British Islamic history.”
Abdal Hakīm Murad
Dean, Cambridge Muslim College

“Honesty and scrupulous self-examination are the best virtues of any autobiography, and Ian Whiteman’s is all of that and more. He takes us on a voyage from his rural and musical youth, through the music scene of the psychedelic 60s, and into the spiritual world of Sufism, with all the insights and character sketches of the best storytellers. Recommended!”
Richard Thompson

“Of all the voyages of self-discovery that began in the London of the 1960s, few were as life-changing and eventful as that of Ian Whiteman. From the stage of the Marquee to the Haram at Mecca, he has a lot to tell us in this unique memoir.”
Richard Williams
Music Critic, The Guardian


£19.95 from CPI Your Way NOW AVAILABLE AS AN EBOOK. Visit iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Googleplay et alia.


Can also be obtained from Hu Books, Derby; from Mecca Books and Zaytuna Books in the USA; from Wardah Books in Singapore.

About Ian Whiteman

see www.cwdm-portfolio.com
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