The Complete Dip in the Ocean

Almost ten years ago I put out a 2 CD entitled A Dip in the Ocean and I’m pleased to announce that I have edited, ready for release, a further hour of music from the same evening in Larache, which preceded the two released CDs. It completes the evening’s celebration and is a must for fans of Moroccan Andalus and for those who enjoyed the original release. The recording took place two weeks before 9/11 and captures the innocence of that time and the ecstasy of this type of singing. If I can find the necessary investment I want to try and release it as a maximum quality mp3 CD, fully tracked (which the original wasn’t). This would fit on one disc as opposed to three audio CDs and be significantly cheaper. The question is will people buy an mp3 CD? It can be easily installed into an Ipod or into Itunes. It’s very large for a digital download (although I’m still looking into that). Comments please.

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Update as of 3 August 2019: theses recordings will shortly be available on ITunes.

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4 Responses to The Complete Dip in the Ocean

  1. Arie Euwijk says:

    Dear mr. Whiteman
    I’d hesistate to buy a mp3 CD. Recent players will accept it, mine not. I do have an mp3 player, but can’t hook it up to my stereo. So that leaves only the PC, not my favourite medium for music, certainly not of this character
    As I keep spending my money on CD’s and such, I never save up enough for an Ipod
    Fully tracked is tempting, but as I have the original double ………

    vriendelijke groeten
    Arie Euwijk

  2. ian whiteman says:

    Thanks Arie. Maybe I should put out just one CD of the newer part. On the other hand you can buy an ipod now very cheaply. It would look better to put out all three CDs at the same time. Which is why an mp3 makes sense. Even one CD is expensive to manufacture.

  3. Iljas Baker says:


    Why not just make it available for download? You can save yourself a lot of trouble this way.Presumably you have a facility to receive payment by credit card. Those who want a CD can make one or else the files can be transferred to an ipod or an iphone. Iljas

  4. Daevid Langdon says:

    Ian, I have been looking for this music for sometime. I hope it will be available one way or another. I can either do the mp3 (if high quality bit rate) or CD. Just looking forward to hearing this beautiful music.

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