A Complete Dip in the Ocean (and how to get it)

“Some of the great spiritual music of the world, rarely heard but strangely familiar – its thousand year-old tradition must have influenced a Northern Europe coming out of the dark ages -played and sung here by today’s greatest exponents,this is sublime
music for the heart, body and soul ”

“Pure baraka, as if the depths of the ocean itself
had burst into song”   

My very first post ever on this blog, almost a year ago, was about A Dip in the Ocean, a recording I put out ten years ago, just after 9/11, of Moroccan Andalusi music and singing recorded in Larache, on the Moroccan coast just south of Tangiers. I’m now making it available for anyone who sends me, by Paypal, the sum of £10 sterling or its equivalent to the following email address:


This is pretty modest considering it is the equivalent of 3 CDs and includes an hour of new audio from the same performance recorded at the same time. The mp3s are maximum bit rate (320) and it’s indistinguishable from the original AIFF files. Once paid I will send two files by Sendspace.com (it’s pretty simple to deal with). You will then a get a link sent to your email address. I was looking forward to making a 3CD set for sale but it’s just too expensive to manufacture and I thought this might be preferable as it’s immediate and quality wise the same and much cheaper. Also I don’t like automatic and impersonal download sales like Itunes and am interested to know who is buying and listening to it. The new hour of music actually precedes the released album so you can set it up in your Itunes in that sequence and then listen to the whole lot at one go. The new material is pretty stunning and is really the warm up before the main course played later in the evening.

I have tracked the original album as the lack of tracking was criticised in the original. I didn’t manage to track the bonus audio. Frankly its the kind of thing you want to play from beginning to end anyway, as that is how we experienced it live.

As soon as I can I will try and add the liner notes from the original CD set as it might explain the event to those who didn’t see the original.

Here is a short sample (over 7 minutes) of part of the Bonus tracks. It’s the overture before the main set which started later after the Fes Singers Muhammad Bennis and his brother Abdal Fatah arrived.

sample bonus dip in the ocean

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7 Responses to A Complete Dip in the Ocean (and how to get it)

  1. britishmisk says:

    Salaam sidi, it’s there anywhere we can hear a sample of the album?

  2. britishmisk says:

    Salaam Sidi,

    Is there anywhere we can hear a sample of the album?

  3. Tawfiq says:

    Salamu alaikum,
    I’m very interested to buy the download, but first I would like to know if one can get the scans of the original CD including the booklet. Normally I like the product CD where you can listen to the music and read at the same time the booklet.

  4. Tawfiq says:

    You just scan the covers and the booklet, create a file and upload the file to the same server from which the sound files can be downloaded: Sendspace. And then you send the ones who have bought the recording the downloadlink for that file too. Should not take more than 15 minutes or half an hour to do this. Success!

  5. This was a lovely blog postt

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