New music from Ian Whiteman

for Qasida Recordings 2021

When the dawn breaks
And the sky shakes
And the stories now unfold
When the earth gives up its secrets
and the truth can now be told
You will stand there right before Him
And your words will seem so small
Lord, forgive me, I’m just a poor man
Who had tried to hear Your call

Why’s your heart in such confusion
When this water is so pure
It’s this doubt that is illusion
And this drink is just the cure
Thirty years I have been calling
Don’t you hear my cry at all
Lord forgive me. I’m just a poor man
Who had tried to hear Your call

When I stood here empty handed
You sufficed my every need
I did not dare to ask for anything more
Just in case You thought it greed
What is heaven? What is bliss
Can I ask for more than this?
Lord forgive me. I’m just a poor man
Who had tried to hear Your call

• NOW AVAILABLE CD • EP • 6 tracks of original music

Numbered and Signed Limited Edition



CD cost £13.50 includes postage & packing to all zones.

Send Name, Postal Address and Payment by PAYPAL to cwdm.qasida@gmail.com

Multiple orders can be quoted on request

Also available on Itunes and most digital platforms

About Ian Whiteman

see www.cwdm-portfolio.com
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2 Responses to POOR MAN’S PRAYER

  1. Arie Euwijk says:

    Wonderful news! Ordered my copy rightaway, I’m looking forward to this.
    Still on my wantlist (he added cheekily): your autobiography.
    Vriendelijke groeten, peace and all that is good,
    Arie Euwijk

  2. Gianni says:

    Great news, al-hamdu liLLAH
    I already orderd the CD and can’t wait to listen to it.

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