16 Responses to On The Means of Beholding The Prophet in a Dream

  1. Saif says:

    Surprisingly nice logo, masha-Allah!

  2. So, dear Ian, how can we get a copy of this treasure? When will it be one of those musky, dustless and yet dusty tomes that we can open and be enveloped by and we sink into pure dimensionless spaces, and I really mean this! Unveiled! (You lucky dog, to be [I assume] one of the first to read it whilst designing the book?) And by the way, is the book The Prophet’s of Arabia available yet? We are building, it seems, a secret library while (American version) electronics whizz by on their way to Armageddon. Bravo…

  3. ian whiteman says:

    This little gem of a book is in the printers right now and will emerge any day I imagine. Then I hope it can be purchased direct from Ihsanica unless they get local distributors. It’s quite a small book, so the cost and postage will be low, I hope. As for Ancient Prophets, by Mostafa Badawi, that is very near printing too after a two year snooze; we are even at the bar code stage. I’ll do an announcement of that when it emerges. That’s a much bigger book and will be another valuable addition to anyone’s library. After that you can look forward to the Adhkar of Imam Nawawi which is a 900 page collection of supplications and dhikrs from their hadith sources. That’s been in gestation for 4 years and should be going to the printers within weeks dv.

    • Yusuf says:

      Assalam alaykum.

      When can we look forward to the re-issue of Arnold’s Pearls as well as the Shama’il critical edition?

      • ian whiteman says:

        er…..Arnold’s Pearls was never printed in the first place although it was completed. The Shama’il was also finished but the publishers had go back to the drawing board as there were apparently errors discovered in the translation. The ultimate destiny of both these books is out my hands I’m afraid. They were too nice not to put on my web site which might have been a bit misleading,

  4. cavemum says:

    I proofread Arnold’s Pearls of Islam about 6 years ago! A pity it never saw light of day, it was quite lovely.

    • Yusuf says:

      I read a printing from ’42 (original from 1883) some years ago and loved it! I was looking forward to reading Hanson’s foreword along with Eaton’s introduction. If you have a copy, I’d love to read it.

      wassalam alaykum

  5. ian whiteman says:

    I can’t release the pdf of Pearls of the Faith (not Pearls of Islam) as it’s not mine to do so. As I previously said, Sandala never printed it and I don’t know why. I know that Edwin Arnold’s poetry wasn’t that liked by some people. It seems that Victorian poetry isn’t to everyone’s taste. It will make a nice looking book even so, with Mohamad Zakariya’s calligraphy throughout.

  6. Aminah says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum,

    Thanks for that beautiful introduction to what promises to be a precious book. Timbuktu Books in Cape Town will be officially launching the book next Friday, 17th February and Shaykh Muhammad b.Yahya al-Ninowy will be the guest speaker. I am not which other retailers will have the book in stock, but in the meantime you could contact us at info@timbuktubooks.co.za or call (from the UK) ++4427216719819. If you speak to Fatima she may be able to send a copy to anyone who’s interested, assuming that it’s not available in the UK yet.

    Since we will be launching the book next week, could I link this post to our blog please?

    Thanks and all the best

    Aminah Patel (nee Gamiet) from Timbuktu…in Cape Town!

  7. ian whiteman says:

    Wherever you turn there is a Gamiet! Seems to be a lot going on in SA these days. The printed book seems to still have some life left in it down there. I’m happy for that. Adios Abdallateef

  8. Aminah says:

    We Gamiets get around!! There’s quite a bit happening here in SA, but we still have a way to go. I’m always happy to see movement around publishing here, as with Ihsanica. Most of our books are imported from the UK and USA and once they arrive here they’re lumped with a heavy tax, making most books pretty much unobtainable to the masses here. And goodness know how much we need to make these books more accessible! All the best.

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  10. Md. Omar Faruque says:

    Jazakallahu khairan for all this info. I want to get permission about the tree picture. Can I use it for personal use?? Plz replay.

  11. modoris ali says:


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