Mapping the Universe

Man uni on whiteFlipping through my WordPress account recently I realised how many unpublished draft posts I had written which I had just parked out of sight. Some were on medical subjects, others on eschatology but mostly on subjects in which I was clearly out of my depth. But also on subjects which by their very nature are radically out of line with the status quo of the 21st century world. And here’s one of them for your delectation as I thought, well what have I to lose? Not my usual fare but the kind of thing I often reflect on privately. If I had read these ideas elsewhere I would have no need to write them, but I don’t, which is why I’m publishing these following brief observations on one aspect of modern science.

A group of American astronomers have for the last six years been trying to map the universe. Yes that’s right, map the universe. A rather enormous task by any standards and no surprises when their conclusion was that the universe is in fact infinite and difficult to map as only one sixth of what is out there is actually visible and that it is expanding at a rate of knots.

Historically cartography was intertwined with the colonial impulse, the greed based quest for Eldorado, ‘the Gold’ and it seems, not unreasonably, to suspect that these astronomers aren’t solely motivated by the spirit of pure scientific enquiry. The BBC Horizon programme on this mapping project, aired recently, had the usual smattering of awesome mind boggling graphics but also, oddly, the occasional references to the car parking spaces for Nobel laureates at the Berkeley CA campus of the leading scientist, as if this was one of the most desired spin-offs of scientific research. It was as if the truth was something secondary to getting a Nobel prize (and a parking space),

I get increasingly frustrated by TV scientific pundits who smugly purvey their view of the world as if it was gospel handed down from on high. Anyone who has taken LSD knows that the perceived world is not what it seems and that the condition and state of the viewer is paramount and that scientific rationale is very limited and materialistic in its approach to truth and that by endlessly looking further into deep space and into the sub atomic worlds with expensive technology, they are missing something and looking in the wrong place with the wrong questions. They never seem to ask why. Just how.

Ibn Arabi, the famous Murcian mystic, stated that the universe was the big man and that man was the little universe which in my book means that when you look at anything near or far or within or without, you are looking at a perfect reflection of yourself. This notion holds an infinity of wonders for anyone who bothers to reflect on it. It doesn’t need billions of dollars spent on hadron colliders or deep space probes. It requires nothing more than a pure heart. The human heart IS the telescope, the astrolabe, the hadron collider, the deep space probe and a whole lot more. Map the heart and you have mapped the universe. This is the secret well of knowledge and experience known to man down thousands of years but very much as the priesthood stole the direct access of the human being to his Originator, so the scientific experts have assumed that role and now dictate reality to a brain washed public their version of reality. A new kind of godless priesthood in a new kind of godless religion.

Real religion frees men and women from the notion of expertism. By this I mean that they no longer sit on a sofa watching others explaining, achieving, interpreting, experiencing, mediating, entertaining, but reclaim direct experience, their birthright, for themselves. Now if the words ‘real religion’ bothers you then let me expand. This is not the religion of outward obedience and show devoid of meaning but the discipline which grants the adherent acceptance and admission to a vision of reality as it is. I’m no scholar but expressing this doesn’t require scholarship. But it does require the company of men or women whose example leads to this knowledge and I can say no more than that.

March 5 2013

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  1. guymax says:

    Hooray! Someone else who finds it absurd when TV pundits swallow wholesale the nonsense purveyed by physicists. The size of the universe is a question for metaphysics. On this issue there is no reason to imagine that physicists know any more than the man on the Clapham omnibus. It is also an excellent point, that religion is capable of freeing us from expertism, .

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