The Wird of the Diwan

The Wird of the Diwan of Muhammad ibn al Habib,
may Allah be pleased with him

Marrakech Wird Sept 17.indd

To anyone who obtained the Diwan of Muhammad ibn al Habib in the last 9 months, published by Editorial Qasida, the pdf freely downloadable here will be very useful and has been much requested. On mobile platforms it is ideal and works particularly well in an iPad installed in iBooks. Importantly, typos in the original edition have been dealt with. Later this year we hope to print a revised edition of the whole Diwan with all the errata corrected. As it is effectively in three languages getting it 100% correct in the first edition would have meant it would have remained unpublished even now. Nonetheless we apologise for any errors.

The Wird 2016

NB The Diwan has just sold out.
We are currently working on a reprint which should appear in the next few months. When available it will be announced on this blog.

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