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The Mainstay, a hardback translation of the complete commentary by Ibn Ajiba of The Burda of Busiri, was printed at the end of last year having been designed here in Spain. It was translated by Abdal Aziz Suraqah and published by the Abu Zahra Foundation in the UK and is now available from

U.K. and Europe:
North America

LOVE IS TRAVELLER Jan 27.inddDiwan Cover blog

 Poetry specialists Ecstatic Exchange in Philadelphia have just published a first book of poems by Medina Whiteman entitled Love is a Traveller and We are Its Path. Available online from https// I was only a consultant on this POD production. 

Also available now from Editorial Qasida is a reprint of the Diwan of Muhammad Ibn Al-Habib first printed last year. This has been comprehensively proofread by Shakir Massoud who uncovered many errors which have now been put right. I’ve given him a well deserved credit in this edition as well as Tahira Larmore for her proofing of the English and myself the designer. Though perfectly usable, the first printing was a bit of a rough diamond. This one we hope will be highly polished and finely cut! Because of the complexity of the multi-lingual text, teasing out the errors took a lot of time.  We know from experience that these Diwans get heavy use which is why we went to the extra expense of using stronger properly sewn sections so that the book can be hand bound in cloth or leather if needed. With print-on-demand books (POD) the binding is a cut and glue arrangement which cannot be rebound. 

Buy The Diwan direct – now available:

Any bookshop enquiries will need to contact direct.


Editorial Qasida is pleased to announce the publication, of  a new translation of the famous Diwan of the great Moroccan Alim and Sufi master, Sidi Muhammad Ibn
al-Habib, may God be pleased with him, whom a small group of us first met in 1971 shortly before his death on his way to Hajj at the great age of of 103.


All bookshop enquiries:

IB cover front

Also just published by Rabaah Publications is Illuminating the Blackness by Nigerian-English Azhari scholar Habeeb Akande. It presents the history of Brazil’s race-relations and African Muslim heritage. The book is divided into two parts. Part I explores the issue of race, anti-black racism, white supremacy, colourism, black beauty and affirmative action in contemporary Brazil. Part II examines the reports of African Muslims’ travels to Brazil before the Portuguese colonisers, the slave revolts in Bahia and the West African Muslim communities in nineteenth century Brazil. Highly illustrated with a picture index of 169 colour images of Brazil.
Designed here and printed in the UK. It should be available soon.


Another reprint from Sandala readied at the end of last year, was the well known Content of Character by Ali Mazrui, (shown left) translated by Hamza Yusuf which was first published over ten years ago. Very much like the Diwan reprint this has been thoroughly overhauled and corrected with a new cover design. Available now from Sandala at


Also of interest is the printing of a much needed new Spanish translation of Purification of the Heart previously only available as an ebook. Translated from the original poem of Ibn Mawlud by Hamza Yusuf, with an extensive commentary also by Hamza Yusuf. This was translated by Emilio Abdarrazaq Perez here in Spain and is exactly modelled on the original…but in Spanish. For any enquiries please contact

A reminder that my old web site is no more. My work is now viewable on which is a better experience generally and much easier for me to manage.  There were certain features of the old site which I will make available on this blog in due course. To contact me direct:

All work displayed above has been designed and typeset here unless specified otherwise.

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4 Responses to New Publications & Reprints

  1. Arie Euwijk says:

    Dear Ian,
    I’m still waiting for that much anticipated “new publication” comprising your memoirs!
    vriendelijke groeten
    Arie Euwijk

  2. Ian Whiteman says:

    I’m sitting on it for now. One minute I think publish, then I think maybe better it’s published after I depart this world.

    • Arie Euwijk says:

      I hope that’s still far, far away.
      On the other hand it’s coming closer for all of us. And no matter how much I love my children, I’d rather like reading them myself.

  3. Ian Whiteman says:

    I have been asked how to contact me. It’s:

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